Kunde: NCC Construktion as.
Byggeår: 2014-2016.
Sted: Narvik.
Konstruksjonstype: Concrete/Reinforcing.
Omfang: 2 Tower on Bridge 130 meters.

Inyerform as perfoms slipforming of 5 pieces caissons as well as 2 tower H=133 m of the bridge.
Interform as also perform shuttering of the lower part of the tower.
The two suspensjon cables holding the span of the bridge up has a diameter of 47 centimeters and is 1,621 m long.
Sailing Height in Rombaksfjorden being 40 meters and sailing width is becomes 200 meters.
Overall width is 18,6 meters while the viaduct is 15,4 meters wide.
The width of the roadway is 9,5 meters including one meters wide center field.
Driving speed is 80 km/h.
NCC as contract involves 32,000 cubic meters of concrete and 5,400 toones of reinforcing.
In addition the footpath and cycle on the bridge.

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